If you're an entrepreneur, you know writing a book can help you build your business. It demonstrates your knowledge and experience. It helps you build authority in your niche. It lets you serve clients in a new way. And, of course, it can make you some moolah.

But many entrepreneurs—savvy folks with smart ideas—get blocked the moment they try to write their book. The words don't flow. The ideas come out muddled. It takes too much time and feels too overwhelming.

It's no surprise, really.

You're brilliant at what you do. It's just that what you do isn't writing.

At least, not writing in this format. You need someone to talk to, who can take your thoughts and see deep into the gems inside them. You need a writer to make sense of everything you think and feel and know, and lay it out in a way that's logical and powerful, so your readers are moved to take action and transform their lives.

Liz Green from Green Goose Ghostwriting

That’s why I’m here.

I’m Liz, the writer behind Green Goose Ghostwriting. I’m a book coach for leaders who want to share a message close to their heart but are stuck trying to get it on the page. They’re afraid of looking stupid, and they’re scared they'll screw up this opportunity.

I help them finally write their book, know that it’s good, and use it to make the world a better place. I work on how-to and self-help guides, big idea books, memoirs, autobiographies, and general non-fiction.

A Post Graduate Degree in Journalism and a decade of working in news, PR, marketing and events taught me to find the nuggets in other people's knowledge and turn them into transformative stories. Through years of ghostwriting blogs I learned to listen and look deep, and to emulate my bloggers' voices. As I started working with authors and editors, I found joy in helping them express their ideas and experience in a way that truly felt "like them."

I was trained by the National Council for the Training of Journalists, am a member of the Association of Ghostwriters and the Non-Fiction Authors Association, and have been interviewed by USA WeeklyFem Founder, and other media outlets who’ve sought my opinions on business, entrepreneurship, and writing.

Let's level-up your business by writing your book.

Liz Green, accredited with the NCTJ Post Graduate Degree in Newspaper Journalism
Liz Green, member of the Association of Ghostwriters
Liz Green interviewed by USA Weekly

Testimonial for Liz Green at Green Goose Ghostwriting.


Liz Green is a ghostwriter who helps online entrepreneurs write books that build their credibility, demonstrate authority in their niche, and serve their clients in a new way. She works on how-to and self-help guides, big idea books, memoirs, autobiographies, and general non-fiction.

She focuses on bringing out the best in entrepreneurs—savvy folks with smart ideas—who get blocked when they try to write their book. When the words don't flow, the ideas are muddled, and it takes too much time or feels too overwhelming, she’s there. She makes sense of what her clients think, feel, and know, and lays it out in a way that’s logical and powerful, so readers are moved to take action that transforms their lives.

Her clients work in a range of fields including health and wellness, business and life coaching, app development, real estate, wedding and event planning, parenting, finance, photography, design, dating, writing and editing, art creation and preservation, and marketing. But they all have one thing in common: They want to share their message with the world. And she helps them do that.

After her Post Graduate Degree in Journalism, Liz lived in England, France, Austria, New Zealand, and Canada, working in news, PR, marketing, and events management. Throughout her career she's continued to study, gaining certifications in marketing through new media (social, mobile, and search) from Cornell University and customer-focused sales.

She's a member of the Association of Ghostwriters, and has been interviewed by USA Weekly, Fem Founder, and other media outlets who’ve sought her opinions on business, entrepreneurship, and writing. She works from Kimberley, a small mountain town in BC, Canada, where she lives with her husband, her baby boy, her dog who thinks he's a cat, and her cat who thinks he's a dog.

What others are saying

Karin, My Family Cookbook

“I am absolutely thrilled with my family cook book. Liz spent time collecting favourite recipes from all our family members, including reasons why each recipe was special (reasons beautifully written, recipes clear with photos of food and family members well displayed).

“She wrote a great, thoughtful introduction, and then collated the book really well. It always brings a tear to my eye when I read it!

"This book is always on display and always gets positive comments. Liz conducts words on a page very well. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

Mel, Ski Banff-Lake Louise-Sunshine.

“Liz proved herself a talented and skilled writer with an evident passion for marketing communications and a true ability to communicate key messages effectively, regardless of subject or target market.

"Her attention to detail was impeccable and her work was always delivered at a high standard and ahead of deadline.

“Never short on creative ideas, Liz was a real asset to our team. Based on my experience, I am confident Liz will ‘wow’ you with her quality of work and I would highly recommend her consulting services to anyone.”


Meg, One Edition Photography

“I am absolutely thrilled with all Liz has done for us. I first met with her to discuss my needs for help with our blog: pulling together photos, managing content and navigating the world of SEO.

"Admittedly, I was a bit nervous as to how having someone else manage our blog would go, but from our very first meeting, I was struck by Liz’s attention to detail, her professionalism and her knowledge of various different platforms for social media sharing.

"It was clear that Liz spent a lot of time researching our blog, social media platforms and voice/presence online. I am always beyond thrilled and so grateful for the time and effort she puts in.

“Liz is incredibly proficient, and works quickly to turn info I send her into a great post, finessing my notes and wrangling our huge library of images.  She goes above and beyond to find additional information to spice up and make our posts more interesting, informative and enticing to readers to click our post links when sharing.

“It is not only a pleasure to work with Liz for her personality and skills but also, as a result of her help, we are seeing tremendous uptake and reach in our blog site visits and social media reach on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.”


James, Personal Travel Blog

“I’ve been travelling for four years now and during this time I’ve kept a blog to keep my friends and family up to date on what I’m doing. The hardest thing when writing a blog is to keep your readers interested. Something that seems like a small deal, such as sloppy punctuation or bad formatting, can turn a compelling read into a laborious chore.

“With Liz’s editing and suggestions, I was able to write entertaining blog posts without compromising on the stories I wanted to tell. She was a great support and the manner of the help she provided was just what I needed. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Carnet du Ski

“Thank you Liz […] Our meter told us that [the five different media stories] were among the highly visited pages. [They] also generated traffic from an important ski blog in Quebec. Once again, mercy beaucoup.”

Ski Council of International Journalists (SCIJ)

“Liz – I am convinced the sleepless nights leading up to and during this event will produce some phenomenal media results. Your hard work did not go unnoticed. […] You deliver exceptional work on a daily basis. Media results are already pouring in from a number of countries. On behalf of my team, I extend a heartfelt thanks to you Liz for being on board and dedicated.

“I would like to personally thank you for being so deeply involved in our event. Specifically, I want to thank you for your patience and hard work before and during. While we know of the many hurdles we faced to deliver this, you went over and above.”