Can a ghostwriter help me?

Can a ghostwriter help you?

If the following thoughts have crossed your mind, a ghostwriter might be exactly the help you need.

  • "I have one or several idea(s) for a book but don't have the time to sit down and write it out."
  • "I have one or several idea(s) idea for a book but don't like writing. I'd rather be doing other things."
  • "My ideas are clear in my head but I struggle to get them down so they make sense to others."
  • "I have a course or coaching program that works well, but I need help translating it into a book."
  • "I want a product to sell to support my speaking or coaching business."

Can I help you?

Writing a book is an intimate process and it's important to find a ghostwriter who is a good fit for you. If your ideas fall into the following categories, we might work well together.

  • Non-fiction
  • How to ...
  • Business guides
  • Self-help
  • Memoirs (of entrepreneurs or business people)
  • Autobiographies (of entrepreneurs or business people)
  • Positive, empowering, informative, and entertaining books
  • Proposals for non-fiction books to be sent to agents/traditional publishers

The best way to discover if we could create something great together, is to get in touch.

       Can Green Goose Ghostwriting help me?

       How does ghostwriting work?

      How does it work?

      Ghostwriting can take many forms and we'll find a process that works best for you and your working style. That said, below is an outline of how the process can work well.

      1. You get in contact to talk about your project.
      2. We have a Skype or phone call to discuss your ideas and get to know each other. 
      3. If we're a good fit, we'll agree a fair investment and a schedule for completing the work. We'll memorialize these in a written agreement and you'll secure my time with a deposit.
      4. You'll send me all your ideas, doodles, blog posts, curriculums, inspirational sources, and anything else relevant. (If you don't have any of this, don't worry!) We'll have more calls where I'll ask questions and hear your stories and expertise.
      5. I'll send you the written work (the manuscript) at various stages, as outlined in our agreement. From the very beginning, you'll have the chance to make sure the voice sounds like you and the content is on-point. We'll review the writing together and make edits as needed.
      6. By our agreed deadline, I'll send you your manuscript. We'll have worked together throughout the process so there'll be no surprises—except, perhaps, how well it's all come together!

        You'll receive a MS Word or Pages document which you'll own all the rights to. You can then send this manuscript to your editor, self-publish or work with a publishing house, and turn your book into a physical reality.